Children in the Spotlight!

We represent children of all ages from babies to young adults. We aim to offer as many opportunties as possible to children seeking professional work. Academy Kidz opperates a fair chance policy and believe that all children who show an interest should be given the chance to shine. Our casting agents endeavour to put all children forward for as many castings as possible. We work quietly behind the scenes putting children's headshots and CV's forward for casting briefs and you will only hear from us if this work is fruitfull, when we call to offer your child a job or an audition.


Our Agency prides itself on the professionality of our young actors as well as their behaviour and time keeping. We do not have time for diva's! Felicity has built up a great reputation within the industry as a reliable agent who can be trusted to send out the very best in young talent.


Academy Kidz boast's a huge list of credit's and we are constantly in touch with industry professionals to keep up to date with the TV and Film network.


One of the trickiest issue's is licensing a child to work. Every regional Education Authority works slightly different. It is very important as a parent of a young actor, that you are aware of the licensing system. Our experienced staff will guide you through this process.


When starting out in the industry there are many pit falls. Be very careful when choosing a children's casting agency if you don't have any excperience. There are lots of bogus scams that ask for exborinant amounts of money and offer what seem to be 'too-good-to-be-true' opportunities. A genuine agency cannot garantee work but just do their best to help your child on it's way!